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Don’t worry about translation—let LEX-Cloud handle it

All right. You may be raising your eyebrows at what a CEO has just claimed about his own product. As some of us may know, even a hedgehog will eat its babies. They’d know, of all creatures, how to deal with their offspring as their “bosses,”

Working as a Lexcode project manager: An interview with Margaret Lim

With our localization project managers supervising every step of the localization process and working hand-in-hand with stakeholders, quality assurance, translators, linguists, and other internal resources, keeping everything together and everyone on the same page becomes possible. For this post, we interviewed Margaret Lim, Lexcode’s localization

Four Reasons AI Can Replace Human Translation, and One Reason It Can’t

Automatic translation based on artificial intelligence (AI) is developing at an astounding pace. Needless to say, its performance developments in just three or four months are more complex and advanced compared to its progress a couple of years back. Google and Korean company Naver are

Hiring: Data Contributors for BAVL

BAVL is a language data solutions platform designed to optimize data collection, annotation, and other data-for-AI services. We are always on the lookout for contributors for our text, image, or speech data projects to help power the future of human communication.

Hiring: Freelance Translator

Lexcode is on the lookout for talented professionals to join our team of skilled translators, and because we cater to every language, all translators with different language pairs are welcome to apply. Education Responsibilities Qualifications How to Apply Minimum System Requirements

The title "Mama - A word any baby in the world would understand" with a background of a baby looking at the camera

“Mama”—A Word Any Baby in the World Would Understand

The word “mother” is a universal language in itself. The Korean “umma” becomes “amma” in India (Tamil), while in Nepal, it transforms into “ama.” The most common term for mother is “mama,” a universal cry for babies everywhere—from China, Japan, and the Philippines in the

Dog browsing for a language service provider

3 Things You Should Know When Choosing a Language Service Provider

The Korean translation market is facing a demand for more diverse media, such as videos, games, webtoons, metaverses, and traditional document-oriented translations, following the recent tendency of cultural content to break away from existing mainstream languages, such as English, Chinese, and Japanese, and spread to

Subtitling vs dubbling

Dubbing vs. Subtitling: Why It Matters and What’s at Stake

Director Bong Joon-ho and the cast of Parasite at a press event in 2019 At the Golden Globe Awards held in January 2020, Bong Joon Ho accepted the Best Foreign Language Film award for his hit movie “Parasite,” which he directed and co-wrote with Han

Philippine flag

Why Should You Translate Your Content to Filipino?

The Republic of the Philippines (Pearl of the Pacific) is home to many natural features, languages, and customs. Various nations, such as China, the United States, and Spain, have had a significant impact on Filipino culture in the past.  Filipinos are well-known for their friendliness