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Lexcode Japanese-to-English localization

Case Study: Japanese-to-English Localization

In 2020, Lexcode got the opportunity to work on the localization and editing of English documents translated from Japanese for the creation of term bases and training data for a top multilingual machine translation cloud service in Korea.

Case Study: JL661

In 2021, Dr. Aeri Jang of the Department of Nursing at Nambu University requested Scholar Editing, Formatting, and Submission services from Journal Lab with the intent to submit her manuscript to the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, the journal of choice. Journal Lab took on this project and will continue to assure its dedication to quality work, as Dr. Jang regularly availed of the company’s services in the past.  

Case Study: JL254

Services Requested: Scholar Editing, Formatting, Submission   Result: Accepted and Published  In 2021, the author initially requested Scholar Editing (SE), Formatting (FOR), and Submission (SUB) services to substantively revise the manuscript’s contents and formats, ensuring guideline adherence and extensive content review. However, in 2022, we received

Case Study: JL202

Services Requested: Expert Review, Scholar Editing, Formatting, Submission  Result: Journal acceptance and publication  Journal Lab by Lexcode offers a wide range of services that help researchers prepare their research manuscripts based on their needs. Whether researchers require copyediting services or a more comprehensive selection for