November 9, 2022

Hiring: Freelance Academic Expert Reviewer for Journal Lab

We strive to get only the best of the best in our Journal Lab community of expert reviewers (similar to peer reviewers) to provide only the best assistance and guidance to our authors and other clientele involved in the academic research field.

Our expert reviewers are research writers more than anything else. Their research publication portfolio is a testament to the quality of the guidance they provide to our authors.


A Journal Lab Expert Reviewer (ER) is an expert document specialist with an extensive academic background in his or her respective field. As the Expert Review process requires a thorough assessment of the writing of the actual manuscript, ERs work with Journal Lab’s editorial team to provide an in-depth and insightful evaluation of each section of the clients’ paper. Our ERs are also responsible for vetting the results of our Journal Selection process. 


  • Assess client manuscripts for appropriateness, accuracy, strength of writing, etc. 
  • Provide document quality evaluations through in-depth feedback to clients using report templates shared by Journal Lab’s editorial team  
  • Liaise with Lexcode’s editors, authors, project managers, and/or other ERs to ensure service quality and adhere to evaluation capacity 
  • Work with Lexcode’s editorial team to review and supervise journal recommendations made through our Journal Selection service 

Position Requirements

  • Achieved a PhD in their respective field 
  • Published at least five (5) articles in SCI/SCIE/SSCI-level academic journals (Please provide links or DOIs.) 
  • Has excellent writing, analytical, and communication skills 
  • Has full professional, native, or bilingual proficiency in the English language 

How to Apply

  • Please send an email to [email protected] and attach your CV, which should include your publication experience, subject expertise, etc.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Any laptop or desktop that is not more than 5 years old.
    Can smoothly run work apps such as MS Office and Google Chrome.
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: 512 GB (SSD)
  • Network: 10 Mbps (Upload and Download)

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